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14K Gold Round Cut Lab Grown Diamond Cross Pendant | (0.11-2.75) CTW  

SKU: PENDIA-32537-.05-WG-0.55
$441.00 Regular price $612.00
Color - White Gold
The purity of belief and the innocence of trust is depicted through this diamond cross pendant necklace. Made with 14K pure white gold and set with 0.55CTW lab-grown diamonds, this pendant necklace is the epitome of luxury.  

Product Care guidelines  

Storage: Store your lab-grown diamonds in a fabric-lined jewelry box or wrap them in a soft, clean cloth to avoid scratches and marks.  

How to clean: Use a dry, soft, lint-free cloth to clean your Grown Excellence jewelry. This will prolong the life of the rhodium plating and keep the diamond sparkling.  

Keep away from: Avoid contact with water, beauty products, or any type of chemicals as they can tarnish the rhodium plating and affect the sparklet of the diamonds.  

Prevention: Avoid hard contact with surfaces as it can damage the prong settings and scratch your jewelry pieces.